Receive more donations by encouraging your community to shop using FlinderFly

The FlinderFly App makes it possible for users to donate free of charge to a charity of their choice in a creative way: through growing butterflies with money that they receive while shopping.

FlinderFly connects charities with businesses

more donations
More donations

81% of people say they will make personal sacrifices to address Social, Environmental issues. Imagine not having to make any sacrifice, enjoying shopping and at the same time making the world a better place!

more partnerships in one
More partnerships in one

If you are listed as a charity in the FlinderFly App you have access to a lot of companies in one go!

free of charge
Free of charge

You can be part of the FlinderFly App free of charge. Thus it is not only free of charge for the user but also for you. The only thing we ask is for you to promote FlinderFly which in turn will give you even more donations!

Some parties that are already part of the FlinderFly app:

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Let’s revolutionize the way we shop by helping the world together through FlinderFly! This is what we call a true butterfly effect.


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