Donate to a Charity of Your choice
Free of charge by Shopping and Collecting beautiful Flinders

The FlinderFly App gives you the possibility to donate to a charity of YOUR choice Free of charge in a fun and creative way by collecting beautiful Flinders (i.e. butterflies) hand drawn by designer Elma Hogeboom (!

The more you donate for free, the bigger your Flinder collection becomes! You will inspire others to give by making them jealous of your beautiful collection!

How can it be free?

By doing your regular shopping from well-known shops via the FlinderFly App, you are letting us know that you want to help the world through your donation. FlinderFly will make a donation on your behalf.


Download & Donate free of charge today!

Let’s revolutionize the way we shop by helping the world together through FlinderFly! This is what we call a true butterfly effect.

Some parties that are already part of the FlinderFly app (total 40+):

Shops & Charities & Press




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